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Published on 11/15/2014 @ 7:00pm

Today I took part in a hackathon. It had been a while since I took part in one of this kind: in person and completely open. At HP I was an usual in all the hackathons they organized:

  • In 2012, along with Priscilla, we presented an interactive office map that allowed users to find people, meeting rooms, printers,... and that could be used by admins as a desk manager tool. And by myself, a mobile app that dealt with travel expenses trying to make the system more reliable and faster (this one made the cut to the finals).
  • In 2013 I presented two ideas by myself: one was a system for the HP online store that would show the product price at partner stores so users could find the best price for their HP products. The other one was an alert (also for the HP store): users would set a max price for a product, and if the price was reduced to that amount or less, they'd receive a message.
  • In 2014 the idea was Improvedin, a web app of which I have spoken in many occasions. It helps users improve their presence and profile on the LinkedIn network.

But today's was a bit different. It was a design hackathon (a "designathon"), and I'm a developer not a designer,so it was a challenge in itself. I overthought it at the beginning, spent too much time deciding what to do, and I almost ran out of time... but I was able to complete a small design and make a presentation to all the attendants.

I know it was not the greatest idea, but it was not a bad idea either. And the fact that I returned to this type of events cheered me up and reminded me of my time in New York while I worked for Novalsys.

It was fun. I need to do it again.