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Rude, by Magic!

Published on 10/28/2014 @ 8:00am

[This article was originally published in Spanish on dSong, on 10/28/2014]

Normally on dSong we write about songs that we like, but today I'm going to make an exception and talk about one that, in my honest opinion, is plainly ridiculous... although maybe it's just me getting old.

Many people will criticize me saying: "What are you talking about?! This is a smash hit!". And it's true. The song has all the ingredients to become a smash hit, and in fact it is: it's selling like crazy worldwide, it sounds on the radio at all times, and it has reached the #1 in many countries.

The song "Rude" by the Canadian reggae/pop/rock band Magic! has a catchy and easy to sing chorus, and it tells a "forbidden love" story between a guy and a girl, what more can you ask for?

It is the lyrics what annoys me the most: the guy wakes up a Saturday morning, he dresses up with his best suit (or the best thing he has, as we can see on the video), and drives top speed (not too responsible) to his girlfriend's house. There, he meets her father and tells him that he (the singer) knows that he (the father) is an old-fashioned guy (not a good way to start) and asks for his blessing. When the father says "no", the guy calls him "rude" (thus the song title) and tells him that he is going to marry the daughter anyway, without caring about the father's blessing (seriously, why did he even ask?)

As I said, I'm getting old, because where everybody sees a romantic story, I see an impertinent and rude punk... Do we need more proof that I'm getting old? I'm already like "young people nowadays is not as before!".

If you want to listen more songs from Magic!, don't doubt it and do it, they are really really good... but I'd recommend other songs from "Don't Kill the Magic" (2013) in which "Rude" is included. I personally think that "Little Girl Big World" or "Don't Kill the Magic" are so much better than today's "recommendation".

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